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Is personalized learning for everyone?

It’s been a while since I have been on my COETAIL blog. I keep setting due dates for myself to come on here and complete a few modules and then a few days..weeks..months have gone by and I haven’t been back. It’s difficult because I want to learn and take the Eduro classes, but I can’t seem to manage my time! I am one class away from my master’s degree that I started this year, and I feel like I’m finally in a place to focus solely on COETAIL.

With that said, apart from a two-week break I will take at the beginning of April to climb Everest Basecamp, I’m here to share my fast-paced COETAIL 2 experience.

I started this week by going back to the videos and readings from the intro to COETAIL 2 modules, specifically about personalized learning. Although my learning this year has not only been through the Eduro and COETAIL programs, I want to reflect on the personalized learning that I have done up until this point. I also want to share how my views have changed since I posted my definition of PLN back in September.

Here is a little refresher on Who I am

Name: Abbi Sandweiss @MissAbbiSand
Nationality: USA
Cohort: Online 8
Current City: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Work: American Pacific International School Primary
Positions: Elementary Technology Coach

Here is my definition of Personalized Learning from September:

Personalized learning is the ability to learn anything you choose at your own pace, your own level, and in your own environment with the goal of expanding your collaborative community and nurturing your skills, interests, needs, and aspirations.

Here is my current definition of Personalized Learning:

Personalized learning is the ability to take ownership of learning by setting goals, creating learning paths, tracking progress, reflecting, and launching to an audience. Learners go at their own pace, own level, and in their own environment with the goal of expanding their collaborative community and developing agency, skills, interests, needs, and aspirations. *The Institute    *Launch

Here were my learning goals and some reflections on the personal learning collaboration project:

Personalized Learning Inquiry- Collaboration by Abbi Sandweiss

I want to focus specifically on slide 3.

How can we make learning personal for the teacher but still beneficial for the school community?

  • #ObserveMe – Pineapple Chart Lessons (We just started this at my school last week).
  • Teacher Autonomy
  • Teacher Genius Hour
  • Inquiry Action Groups
  • Professional Learning Process

Our new administrator has brought in an entirely new perspective of learning and professional development for teachers. As I was reflecting from the beginning of September when I started COETAIL 2, until now, I noticed many changes in the learning our teachers are doing. It’s been great to see all of the growth that has happened as of result of this process. Our school hadn’t realized how ready we were for change in our personal growth and learning until we had a leader come in to help us facilitate that process.

This year we (our building leadership team) created inquiry action groups that followed in the framework of teacher genius hour and teacher autonomy. Using the IB PYP inquiry cycle, teachers went through the inquiry process on a topic of our choice. I chose to learn about design thinking. I then found out about the book Launch: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani. I used this cycle to recreate our technology scope and sequence for grades K-6. (Actually, it is still a work in process – does anyone want to share theirs with me?) Looking back this led me to take many action steps and grow as a professional and learnerThis inquiry also led me to lead a book study. A group of nine teachers are currently reading Launch together and exploring the LAUNCH framework with design thinking.
(*I’ve asked to share the resources from our Teachers as Inquirers PD – will update if I receive permission).

In September, I wrote that my learning goals were: Take notes. Be inspired. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to fail [forward]. A lot of growth has happened since then – and it’s time to apply that growth to learn and explore with COETAIL 2…

Lastly, here is my learning path:

Abbi’s COETAIL 2 Learning Path

Personalized Learning
Tech Rich Unit
Coaching: Essential Skills
Design Thinking in the Classroom
Introducing Coding in the Classroom
Designing a Parent Learning Community

Come cheer me on, during this personalized (and a little faster-paced than expected) learning journey!