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I’m so excited! I feel like I am saying that a lot lately. Over the past three weeks, I have been developing my goals and aspirations as a member of COETAIL 2. I have looked at what personal learning means to me, my students, and as a member of a community of learners.

Three weeks ago, I said that personal learning is defined as:

The abilitiy to learn anything you choose at your own pace, your own level, and in your own environment with the goal of expanding your collaborative community and nurturing your skills, interests, needs, and aspirations.

I said that I would make this journey about me and not judge myself or compare myself to what others were doing. Don’t Follow the Yellow Brick Road – this path is mine to weave and create.

Thanks to the help of my cohort, I was able to come up with a plan that would help me expand my knowledge and collaborate with the group on a few units. Here’s what is up next:

Abbi’s COETAIL 2 Learning Path

Personalized Learning
Design Thinking in the Classroom (Cohort Collaboration)
Tech Rich Unit (Cohort Collaboration)
Coaching: Essential Skills
Introducing Coding in the Classroom
Designing a Parent Learning Community

These courses will play a role in helping me during all aspects of my job. I will grow as a learner. I will help my students grow. I will lead and coach my teachers towards growth and new ideas. I will lead my parents and design a community for parent education. It takes a village, right? Through COETAIL I will be able to make growth that will affect all parts of my team. Students. Teachers. Families.

Throughout my Personalized Learning Course, I realized that I have a lot of learning to do! I was really inspired by the group Canva project and by reading my cohorts blog posts. Having others to share experiences with and to grow in the process has been really helpful, even as we just begin.