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The time has begun! And I have started my final project for COETAIL course 5 (a few months ago actually, but I am just now getting around to posting about it). I am really excited to see the finished product of this new unit!

I have planned my final project focussing on the following goals:

Have a unit on WeVideo
Use of Seesaw to develop quality reflections on the unit
Create a Flipped classroom culture using Edpuzzle
Project-based learning
A global collaboration of expanding the audience of video viewers
Using Newsela as a research tool


Over the past four weeks, the grade 4 teacher and I have been working together to restructure their fifth unit of inquiry for the year – Sharing the Planet. We had many ideas for this unit but decided to try out video editing for their summative assessment. Bring it on, WeVideo!

I’ve spent an abundance of time telling you all about my Chromebook video editing challenges. I have given it a shot and it’s not as difficult as I had expected.

For the first lesson, we wanted the students to be curious, risk-takers and try out WeVideo with little background knowledge of using that program. We wanted to see what they already knew and what they would figure out on their own. Ms. Caz the grade 4 teacher, did a shared writing piece with them on Poisonous Plastic Pollution. We used this as the writing sample for what they would create their first video.

These were their requirements:

  • Create a title/author introduction slide
  • Create 2-3 video clips to share your writing
  • End with 3 strong points
  • Transitions/edit however you please, just make sure that you can hear your voice louder than the music if you choose to use it

I used the Google Doc to the left with the steps to get students connected to WeVideo with our purchased school accounts so that they had all access to the features. Then we gave them 20 minutes to explore and create – while we walked around “helping” or rather, encouraging them to try things out.

As this was just the first lesson on WeVideo, it was the time to sandbox and explore. We will later be using this tool for the students to share their informational writing pieces on global awareness and our action steps as individuals. Here is the example that Ms. Caz and I created to show them what tools were available for them to try.

As a result of this project, I am hoping to see students learn ways to use their voice to share their knowledge on learning to the world. The following video for the new iPad — Homework (Full Version) — by Apple showed the way that technology is transforming our “homework.” This video and the actions steps according to my goals listed above will help me to inspire students to learn new strategies for inquiring and learning outside of the classroom for the rest of their lives.

iPad — Homework (Full Version) — Apple

YouTube Preview Image

How does this video make you feel? What does it make you want to do differently this week as you plan your upcoming lessons? What can we do as educators to transform learning for our students? This video makes my mind spin with ideas! #everyonecancreate

Course 5 Project – UbD Planner

Here is another copy of my planner for the unit I have been working on with the Grade 4 class.

See you in a few days with an update on my PLN!