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Hello there! Long time no read.

It’s been a nice relaxing *multiple* months of break from my coursework… but I am ready to finish strong and proud! There has been so much going on at work and a huge schedule change, that I haven’t had the time to update. So here is an update of all that has happened in the past few months. I hope I can inspire someone to try out some new ideas!

What have we been learning?

K3: We can record, measure, and predict the weather

In K3, we have been working on the central idea listed above. Our students visited a local Weather station to learn what it takes to make the daily news. This inspired some students to want to try and create their own weather recording. We made the following Slides as a script for the K3 Weather News. It has been very successful for our students! We are using a green screen for the first time and the app called TouchCast to record the video. These skills were new for our K3 students and K3 teachers. I really like the TouchCast App because it is free and easy to use! Check it out!

Grade 1: Materials go through a process of change before they become products

In Grade 1, students have been learning about the process’ of materials and process writing. This was their first time ever publishing a document on the Chromebook. Students used Google Docs to practice making capital letters, using punctuation, using the shift and enter keys, changing the font, font size and color, and the center align button. As well as how to add an image using the explore tool. This was a great learning experience for them and they were extremely proud to share their published work on Seesaw.

Grade 2: Matter can be described and classified based on its properties

In Grade 2, students are learning about matter. This was also their first time publishing something on Google Docs, so they practiced making capital letters, using punctuation, using the shift and enter keys, changing the font, font size and color, and the center align button. The students also learned about different types of bullet points and how to add an image using the explore tool. Here is an example of one students creation:

Grade 3: People apply their understanding of force and motion to invent and create

The Grade 3 classes are becoming experts on Google Docs, so we have moved on to Google Slides. They are learning how to use different themes to make an eBook. We are just starting, but I am excited to continue working on this. Also – fun fact! Did you know that when you are making a Google Slides presentation, you can click the “explore” button in the bottom right corner and it will show you the best looking layouts for your slides? It’s such a time saver and really helps implement those Presentation Zen tips! Check it out here if you want more information.

Grade 4: People worldwide encounter a variety of challenges, risks, and opportunities involving resources

In Grade 4, we have spent the last few weeks learning about WeVideo. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it was difficult for our school to find a video editing program for the Chromebooks. We recently purchased WeVideo and it has been going well. We have “sandboxed” with the app and played around with the features… this week we will begin making our videos which I will share all about in my final project for Course 5 – stay tuned.

Grade 5: People in civilizations use their understanding of the past to innovate for the future

In Grade 5, we have been super busy! Grade 5 is our “techiest” group, so they are able to try out many new apps for the school. They were learning about Ancient Mesopotamia and so they made a Popplet with their research. We also went on a Google Expedition to see Masterpieces of Ancient Egyptian Art. Lastly, some of the students were interested in using their new knowledge to create their own pyramid in Minecraft. They made some very impressing finished products!

Professional Development Sessions

Lastly, I want to share my Google Trainer experience. In January, I, unfortunately, found out that I had not been excepted as a Google Trainer. It was disappointing – although, not surprising. As I look back I truly had not applied the skills necessary to be a trainer. I did pass all my tests and gain an abundance of Google knowledge, but I wasn’t sharing that knowledge with my co-workers.

I needed to make a change in order to reapply. Luckily, the reviewers of my application sent some wonderful feedback and I was able to reassess and figure out what I needed to do to reapply. I needed to have some PD sessions and collect feedback from participants. I want to share the resource links with you all.

Here’s what we learned:

February 21: Google Docs Mastery – *Documents adapted from Sethi De Clercq
February 28: Google Slides Tips & Tricks – *Original slides by Lee Webster
March 5: Google Docs Basics
March 7: Google Draw Like a Pro
March 14: Oogley Googley Teachers

BitmojiThere was excellent feedback from participants and we enjoyed learning together! These sessions were held outside of school hours, so the teachers who attended wanted to expand their Google knowledge. As I reflect, I think it would be helpful to implement these same sessions throughout the school year next year during some of our Monday Meeting time. That way I can reach a broader audience.

I am not finished yet with my PD sessions. We’re taking a break for a couple weeks (with after school PD) – but teachers have requested some Level 2 sessions of my courses. Other teachers that missed my sessions asked that I repeat them. There’s a lot of Google Training in my future and I’m excited to reapply.

That’s all for now! Updates on my final project coming next week. Have a great week!