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Course 3 Final Project Options

Create or modify a presentation with Presentation Zen principles.
Using the techniques you have learned in Course 3, create or modify a presentation that you will use this year.

Check out my blog post, “Less is More,” to see my modified presentation that I will use next semester and next year. You can also find my reflection on that post.

Create and share a digital story to use with students.
Using the techniques you have learned in Course 3, create or modify a digital story that you will use this year. You can record all of the clips yourself for your digital story, or you can combine media from a variety of sources to create a remix.

So I happened to create 2 different videos over the course of this unit. First, I created a video for our first Learner Celebration. I collaborated with our PYP coordinator, Cindy, to complete this project. We are changing the way we perform at our celebrations this year and so we started off with an example of how the assemblies should look. We shared this video with the students, teachers, and parents at our assembly. It was very exciting and the kids loved it.

The next video I created was with our K3 students. They were next up to perform at the Learner Celebration. They wanted to create a video to share their learning all about being healthy – the choices people make affect their health. The kids had so much fun and so many ideas to share when creating this video! They love hearing their voices and seeing themselves on camera.

For both of these projects, I used iMovie. I can easily say that iMovie is my favorite video creation and editing software. I have my own personal iPad that I use to create these videos. At my school, we have a set of 24 Chromebooks as well as being 1-to-1 in grades 4 to grade 12. Like I have mentioned before, I have not found an excellent resource for creating videos on the Chromebook. We have the ACER model, that only has the front facing camera- so not only is it difficult to record, but the microphone also doesn’t pick up sound very well. We use WeVideo which I haven’t found to be the easiest to use. I will keep you all updated as I start to figure it out. I just submitted a quote to purchase WeVideo for Schools, that way our students can have access to all of the features, like creating a video longer than five minutes.

The Learner Profile Rap

K3 Who We Are

Create an “About Me” page on your COETAIL blog, including an infographic or visual resume to use in your class or for recruiting.

I created my first resume in the spring of 2014 as I graduated from university and headed out into the real world of becoming a teacher. Below you can see the first ever draft of my resume. In 2015, after landing my first job as a first-grade teacher in Kansas City, Missouri I created a second copy of my resume. Later that year I went out looking for jobs abroad at a career fair so I I deleted some of my information from university and made it a couple of visual changes. In 2016, I was already in my second year of teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My contract was coming to an end and I began to think about my next steps for the future. As you can see in my third resume draft I started to see that I needed to change my visual design of my resume. Although, I never completed it because I decided not to change schools or to apply to any other jobs – I left it unfinished and actually I think it is a little ugly.

Abbi Sandweiss’ Resume’s of the Past

So this brings me to my 2017 resume. I do not plan to leave my current job anytime soon, but I liked the idea of creating a visual resume. I have a hard time keeping up with all the PD and keeping it documented so this was a good start to get me organized. My final draft, for now, is posted below. I used Canva to create it because they have many excellent resume templates to edit. I really like the yellow and the polka dots. It makes the resume stand out, but it doesn’t feel overcrowded with pictures and information. I like the way the different headings break up the fonts/text to make it easier on the eyes to read. I plan to change my picture to my yearbook photograph from this school year after we take it. I feel like the photo is lacking the “professional” look. I also am debating on the whether I should put the actual images of the badges under the certificates/badges section, instead of the words and dates. Let me know what you think! Any other suggestions are appreciated!

I am so happy with the way my final draft turned out! It is definitely not perfect, but I do find it way more visually appealing than the first draft back in 2014. I discussed with my administrators on how they feel about color on resumes, and they all said that they didn’t mind it either way. One of my colleagues even mentioned that if the administrator viewing my resume didn’t like the color – then they wouldn’t hire me anyway! Which I felt was a solid point.

Overall, I really enjoyed Course 3! I felt like I had some background knowledge on digital literacy, but not really any facts or information to back it up. It was helpful to put my “ideas” into research and developing my understanding.