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Alright, so this Monday I was in a meeting with the principal of our school, Chrissie, and we were reflecting on some of the events that happened these past few weeks. I held an introduction to Chromebooks meeting for parents, as well as an introduction to Seesaw meeting at our school. In our meeting, Chrissie and I talked about the things that went well at the meetings and what we would like to change for next year. One of the main things we discussed was that next year, many parents will not need to attend the same sessions. So I began to think about how I could rework the presentations so it was just a reminder, rather than an entire retelling of what they already know.

From what I’ve been learning in Course 3, I can see that my two “before” presentations are not zen at all. They are missing the simplification piece that Robert Linsen speaks of in his blog, Presentation Zen. I can see how visual presentations effectively communicate messages with the motto of…

Less is more.

Bruce Tang

There doesn’t need to be complex sentences and multiple images per slide. In most cases, the presenter will be reading the slide anyways to tell the information and should have this on separate notes. I know that the Chromebook Intro is way too wordy and confusing for parents – ESPECIALLY those that are non-native English speakers. Which, as I mentioned before, is the majority of our school population. The Seesaw for Families Intro I used from the Seesaw Ambassador website, but realized that could definitely use some sprucing up as well. The slides didn’t flow well from one page to the next, and again I felt like many of the slides had way too much information that I was already explaining to parents anyways. As Piktochart says in their infographic, slides should be simple, balanced, and beautiful. 

Chromebook Intro Before

Seesaw Intro Before

Chromebook and Seesaw After

Well… turns out I sort of did option 1 for course 3’s final project. I used the Presentation Zen design principles to redesign my presentation and am now embedding it into my blog. What an early start on my final project! Looks like I’m done! 🙂 Actually, I still want to create a digital storybook and redo my resume. I may or may not do three final projects for this course. Time well spent though – because I am creating multiple resources that I will use in the future. I hope you enjoy seeing the transformations!

Image credit: AOL via PC Mag

Random side note: As a 90’s kid this is my Farewell to AOL Instant Messanger. Not that I’ve used in the past ten years or anything, but it was a really big part of my childhood. I remember those days waiting for the internet to dial-up. I was also in an AOL commercial in the 2000’s that I cannot seem to locate. If I find it I’ll be sure to share it. Thanks for the good memories, chats with friends, and well-crafted away messages AIM!


Happy week 3 everyone!