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Watch and try this first!

After watching- read this article: Collaborative Learning for the Digital Age – they didn’t put the YouTube video in the article… which was quite frustrating for me because I had never done the test. I first read the article and knew the answer-so I didn’t get an accurate test of my attention.


Me after reading that article.

The article states, “The real treasure trove was to be found in the students’ innovations. Working together, and often alongside their professors, they came up with far more learning apps for their iPods than anyone—even at Apple—had dreamed possible.”

This summer has definitely been one for the “books.” Except for the fact, that no books were involved in all of the learning that I am about to share. When I stepped out of my comfort zone by signing up for this course, I opened an entirely new door of opportunities for myself. Not only am I learning so much with COETAIL, but have completed 6 other certifications/badges this summer alone.

That is what the PLN is all about. I finally had that moment where I was like, “YES! I GET IT!” This is why we do it. We are the students. When we work together ideas form and grow. Ideas can be small or big, but when they are shared the will grow no matter what. When we put all of the teachers together on a form like Twitter for example, we will come up with more ideas than we ever dreamed possible. As I create my Professional Development break-out session, this has helped me to begin creating my overall objective/mission for the year. I will share this in a future post… stay tuned.

Summer #goals


Tech Support for Educators Teaching-With-Text-Sets getting-started-185px_360




(not quite finished with Newsela yet)

After all of the learning I’ve done this summer- I am on a roll. I don’t want to stop learning. I’ve already looked into BrainPOP Educator Certification and National Geographic Educator Certification.

Were there any certifications that transformed your teaching? What would you suggest to a new global learner?