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I have so much that I want to share from this week- but I am struggling with a 39 degree fever. Yes, I am American and had to Google the conversion of celsius to Fahrenheit. 39 degrees celsius = 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit

I also just learned that To convert temperatures in degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 (or 9/5) and add 32. Thanks again Google for the ability to search for anything in an instant.

I have tonsilitis and this is what my research consists of tonight:

It’s making me queasy, so sorry in advance if you get grossed out. I don’t have the ingredients to give this a try- but, I am guessing it won’t truly cure me 100% in four hours. Proof that you must “think critically about news and information” that you read online.

So there are some pros and cons to waiting until Sunday night to write your blog post. Pros- I met a lot of interesting people in my travels this week. They shared many ideas with me about blogging vs. vlogging and really got me curious about starting my own vlog. Also, I am interested in why COETAIL chooses to blog rather than vlog. Researching that tomorrow. Cons- I know have a fever to deal with and a weak brain.

This week I passed my Google Certified Educator Level 2 exam. I did end up doing all of the optional training for the level 2 exam. It was a good refresher on some of the tools that I do not typically use- like Sheets. I am now beginning the Google Certified Trainer training. Woohoo! For those of you completing this in the next few weeks… Good luck!

Can blog posts be updated to your website with an intention to edit it in the future? Is that acceptable blog etiquette?



Goals for next week:

1. Comment on two COETAIL blogs before Friday.
2. Write my post on or before Friday.
3. I need tips!!! How do I become a better tweeter?!

Happy (late) Sunday!