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You can’t do it all.

This past week I have been in a bit of a panic on how to organize my time and keep up with all of my reading, while also trying to spend time with friends, plan upcoming trips, plan PD for the school year, and reorganize my home. I was planning to reach out to everyone in the cohort to ask for ideas on how to organize the time to read all the blog posts and other articles for the class. I’m still interested in any advice if you would like to share!

I am using the RSS reader Feedly. To be honest… I had never heard of an RSS reader before starting this course. When I downloaded it during the orientation course I had a bit of a “Whoa, how am I ever going to keep up?!” moment. On Tuesday, I downloaded the app to my phone. This has been my best idea yet. I read a few blog posts while getting my nails done and then read a few more while I waited for my Pad Thai to be cooked. I am realizing that it is possible for me to keep up. I just need to find a process that works. I’ve been out of university for only three years- but it seems like I lost touch with some of my study abilities. This week I admitted to myself that it’s okay. I am human and I can get back into it.

So, I have been receiving emails from A.J. Juliani for about 6 months now… and to be honest I usually don’t actually “have the time” to read them. This week- I made the time for his article and you should do yourself a favor and read it too: 7 Things Every Teacher Should Do Before 7 A.M.

This inspired me to sign up for the webinar How to Do Fewer Things Better by Angela Watson. I was sent a recording of the webinar to my email- so if you would like to watch it, drop me a comment and I can email it to you!

Here were my three takeaways that will be important as I continue learning through COETAIL and tackle the opportunity of creating a new position at my school. These quotes are from the Webinar by Angela Watson.

And then… it hit me! I realized that I was doing too much. I was creating lesson plans that were geared towards student interest, but not often enough creating lesson plans from the student interest. I was too often spending my 45 minute plan sessions looking for the best thing, rather than creating the Most Viable Product and adding as I went. My students were always inquiring more and challenging each others ideas and I must use those ideas to create plans.

Next, I watched the following two videos. They inspired me and reminded me that I am human. I make mistakes. I learn from mistakes. I learn from others. I adapt and improve.

One – This Is the Future of Education by John Spencer

Spencer says “You have all of the innovation you need right there in your room.” He explains the power of student creation, which happens to also be the highest order of thinking on Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised.

Two – This Will Revolutionize Education by Veritasium

Veritasium says, “Luckily the fundamental role of a teacher is not to deliver information. It is to guide the social process of learning.”

“Learning is inherently a social activity, motivated and encouraged by interactions with others.”

With these quotes I end week 2 with motivation and inspiration. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wrote down my goals for the course, but I am continuously adding more and rewording my previous ideas. As Veritasium states, learning is a social activity and since this week is focused on Networking- I added 4 blogs to my RSS reader and wrote two tweets! It’s a start.

Is there a video out there that inspires and motivates you? Please share, I would love to watch it!