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Here I am in week one writing my blog post on the last day. This is my third official attempt at trying to start blogging. When I first moved to Thailand, I had all of these wonderful ideas to blog and share my adventure and experiences with those back home. I didn’t put in the quality time to ever get my blog up and running. To say the least, I’m nervous and excited to be beginning this journey with COETAIL. I was recommended through a friend at my school and then also had the opportunity to learn with Chrissie Heller in Chiang Mai. It’s been about a year since I was first introduced to the program and with my decision to switch positions, I figured it was time to get the ball rolling. With that said, here goes nothing! I’m so happy to be learning and experiencing this journey with you all.

Here we go!

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One of my biggest takeaways and next steps is to begin developing my PLN. For the past two years, I was teaching grade 3 as the only educator at that level. At times I felt like there was not enough collaboration. I would work with the grade 2 and 4 teachers, but it wasn’t always enough. Looking back, I realize that I did not take advantage of creating a PLN where options for collaboration are endless. In education you hear the importance behind a PLN and as the new Technology Integration specialist at my school, I will ensure that I am providing/teaching others  the tools to learn and grow in an online network.

At the beginning of the year in Chiang Mai, the principal had us write down our goals for the year. On the last day of school- she gave us back our card to read. It was very entertaining and exciting to be able to read my wishes from one year prior. Many of these wishes I had completed- others not so much.

I decided that I should make some goals for my course this year. I can reflect as the year progresses and adapt as needed. I am inspired by others and I wish to share this as I transition from working with just students to teachers as well. I will share information as I become more comfortable with my writing online.

Reach by Jeff Utecht says that as prosumers it is our job to teach students by connecting to the digital world. As I read this, I ponder the possible opportunities that are available for my students that I am yet to realize. We will work together as a team to ensure that consistent growth and collaboration happens!

Here’s to a great year of learning and growing together.